BirdGenie is indispensible for anyone who wants to learn more about the birds around them.  Its highly advanced algorithms  and rapid matching system are the most accurate ever developed.  Covering all the major song types for over 100 of the most vocal U.S. and Canadian species, BirdGenie™ can identify nearly every species the average listener hears in their backyard, on a hike, or in their local park.

One of the most important features of the app is that it’s easy to use. Just point your smartphone or tablet at a bird and tap the screen when the bird starts singing. The app’s automatic pre-record feature ensures that you won’t miss the beginning of the song. Tap again when the bird stops singing and BirdGenie’s™ patented, highly accurate analysis system matches the recording to the closest species. A sophisticated noise-reduction feature means that you can ID your bird even in noisy environments such as people talking or traffic noise.

Birdgenie isn’t just about giving answers – it’s also a great tool for learning.  It comes with a full catalog of the covered species including many samples of songs and spectrograms to compare with your own recording, guaranteeing a confident match. The catalog includes pictures of each species in all seasons, information about habitat and behavior, and links to further reading to teach you more about the bird you’ve selected   There are even 3-D models for some species that you can rotate to match your view of a bird. No internet connection is required for anything but sharing, making the program accessible everywhere.

And BirdGenie™isn’t just about the birds in one area. It’s about learning more across the country.  Users can anonymously share their recordings with an online database, which can be used by scientists to study populations, song variations, and other aspects of bird life that may ultimately help to preserve them.  You can also share individual recordings, photos and matches with friends and fellow users

Ever wonder what bird it is that you’re hearing?  BirdGenie™ leverages powerful technology to make song identification simple and fun for the first time.  Just record, trim and identify!

With BirdGenie™ you can:

Quickly identify most common birds just by recording their songs

Look at vivid images of the bird—some in 3-D!

Listen to samples of the bird’s various songs and compare them with your recording

Keep a log of all your recordings

Share your recordings andmatches with friends and family

Browse the built-in catalog to learn about each species, their different songs, habits, diet, and much more

Share your recordings anonymously with a national database to help better understand bird song across the region.

Use the app anywhere, as no internet connection is required!

Important features of BirdGenie™:

Matching engine that is at least twice as good as [better than] anything in the market today

Easy-to-use guided user interface

Effective noise-reduction system which helps users make confident identifications in less-than-ideal environments

Complete species accounts with multiple photos for all plumage types (including some 3-D models)

Comprehensive spectrograms (images of the songs)


Technical Specifications:

Requires iOS 10 or later. Compatible with iPhone 7/6, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

BirdGenie™ is a trademark of Princeton University Press.